Welcome to my photography collection!
I am a research scientist by trade, trying to understand how cells communicate with their neighbours and how these neighbouring cells are able to interpret these signals and develop accordingly to allow the formation of complex body structures. I am currently using the fruit fly as my model organism, specifically looking at how the highly organised compound eyes are formed during development.

I grew up in the Kentish countryside in a small town just outside of London. I attended University College London, Imperial College London and the National Institute for Medical Research for all of my scientific training. Since completing my studies I am currently based in New York City.

I have always been fascinated by photography, but did not really become passionate about it until my last few years in London while finishing my PhD training. While dealing with the stress of writing up my thesis, my girlfriend bought me my first photography book and provided me with her father's old Olympus SLR camera. I have been hooked ever since! I have now made the transition into digital photography and primarily use a Nikon-D300 with many lenses of various focal lengths.

The photographs which I have presented here on this website are a collection of my favourite shots taken on my various travels around the world. I hope that you will enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Thank you